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My Name Is Prince Ben Olu Osebayowa

Politician | Entrepreneur | Investor

About PBO

Personal Profile Statement

“If you are an entrepreneur, you know that your success cannot depend solely on the opinions of others. It is the unwavering belief in your vision, the resilience to overcome obstacles, and the relentless pursuit of excellence that truly defines your journey towards success.”

My name is Prince Ben Olu Osebayowa. Below is a panoramic overview of my professional career across different sectors of the national economy are well articulated below.

However, it is necessary to stress here that my whole working experiences in both private, quasi –public and indeed public sector of the Nigerian Economy have been entirely dedicated to the various facets of Strategic Management, Investment Portfolio, Marketing and Non-for-profit Public-Sector Marketing within the context of an

highly competitive and challenging environment.

I have no jolt of doubt, that you will discover in me the resources of a reliable asset with requisite technical skills, talents, global – vision and world – class multi – disciplinary competences suited for prompt service delivery in a changing public sector.


“Success is not the destination, but rather the remarkable journey of perseverance, resilience, and unwavering belief in oneself.”

Master of Business Administration (MBA)

Best Internally Published Thesis and 2nd Overall Best


Professional Post-Graduate Diploma in Marketing


B. A. (Hons.) Economics

First Class (Honours)

West African School Certificate

Grade II

School Leaving Certificate

Grade B (Pass)


“Knowledge is the key that unlocks the doors of opportunity.”


Aligarh Muslim University UP, India


All India Institute of Marketing & Management (IMM)

New Delhi


Anambra State University of Technology Enugu


Anglican Grammar School, Ifon, Ose LGA, Ondo State



“Managerial experiences are not merely about overseeing tasks and teams, but about fostering an environment of growth, empowerment, and collaboration, where individuals can thrive and collective achievements soar to new heights.”

2011-2014 Ondo State Investment Corporation, Akure

Office of the Executive Director

Appointment: Executive Director, Investment and Projects

The position reports directly to the Chairman of the organization who is the representative of the Executive Governor on the Board. The primary assignment of the office is to provide strategic and highly professional managerial assistance to the state through the Ministry of Finance and Commerce on the state’s local and international Investments and other Sundry Commercial Matters not within the purview of the civil service as well as the exercise of ownership rights on behalf of the government in respect of all profit–making legal entities created by Government. The position of the Executive Director is one of the topmost, merit-driven offices preserved by tradition as a tower of knowledge and think tank to the government since the creation of the state on February 3, 1976. The occupant of this great office is not a statutory member of the state executive council, but the regularity of appearance is salutary.

1988-1991 Federal Agricultural Coordinating Unit (FACU).

A world bank assisted project (ATAP)

Office of the National Coordinator

Appointment: National Coordinator Commercial Services

The office of the National Coordinator provides technical assistance in Farm-gate fertilizer distribution and sales through the Agricultural Development Projects (ADPS) in Nigeria. Privatization of input distribution through cooperatives and appointment of retailers were designed as strategy for reducing the burden of high cost of input distribution among various tiers of government. High impact training for trainers’ programs were aggressively pursued and institutionalized in all the ADPS. New methodology, logic and approach to input distribution on self-sustaining parameters were institutionalized through cooperatives and women-in-agriculture groups.

1991-2011 Associated Granite Industries Limited, Abeokuta,

Ogun State

Assistant General Manager

Appointment: Assistant General Manager (Sales and Marketing)

The office of the AGM marketing is saddled with the overall responsibilities of generating sales and marketing for the company’s product lines. It is on record that the company joined the league of companies making over one-billion-naira sales annually under my stewardship with two jumbo plants at Gudo Quarry Abeokuta and Sekere Quarry, Igboora, Oyo State respectively at the peak of its success, the company went into strategic diversification through establishment of two separate organizations, AGI asphalt limited and

AGI Road Engineering Limited with an independent management and board. As AGM (Marketing/Sales Management) with the parent organization, I was given additional responsibilities through concurrent appointment into the office of the Executive Director (Commercial) and Board Membership of the two companies. The office of the ED was

saddled with Strategic visioning and formulation of overall corporate goals and objectives. Broad commercial policies, in terms of profit goals and expected net returns as well as articulation of day-to-day operational guidelines and benchmark for assessment or evaluation.


“Entrepreneurship is the audacious pursuit of turning dreams into reality, fueled by passion, innovation, and unwavering determination. It is the journey of embracing challenges, creating opportunities, and leaving an indelible mark on the world.”

Founder, Promoter and CEO

I am privileged to have been the founder, promoter, and CEO of the

following organizations for over two decades to date.

  • Network Heritage Ltd.
  • Karachi Globex Co. Ltd.
  • Karachi Industries Ltd.
  • Karachi Redgold Eng. Ltd.

These legal entities operate virtually in all strategic sectors and

investment landscape of the nation’s economy encompassing Oil and

Gas, Hospitality, Farming, Bulk Haulage, Transportation, Manufacturing,

Procurement, and Civil Engineering Contract and Consultancies Apart

from establishing and nurturing the above-enumerated companies to

growth and self-sustaining profit-making entities, the following were

few flagship appointments with different organizations, both in the

public sector, quasi-public sector and private limited liability companies

in Nigeria



“The world is interconnected, and international engagements are the threads that weave us together.”

World Bank Missions

As National Coordinator (Commercial Services) with the Federal

Agricultural Coordinating Unit (FACU), I had the privilege of active

participation in the following World bank sponsored missions:

  • Enlisted into the panel of eminent specialists who prepared the

modalities and actually bifurcated Cross River State ADP into two

separate and autonomous ADPS: Cross River and Akwa-Ibom State


  • Deputy Team Leader in charge of Mid-Term Reviews and Evaluation

of the commercial services component of Imo, Anambra and Rivers

State Agricultural Development Programmes (ADPs).

Deputy Team Leader

Ondo State Investment Delegation to the City of Sao – Paulo, Brazil


On the initiative of the international fertilizer Development Centre

(IFDC), Alabama (USA), a working tour of India and Pakistan were



Attendance at “Real Estate Expo” 2020, Durban, South Africa


“A referral is an endorsement that speaks louder than any self-promotion.”

Senator Ajayi Borroffice

Deputy Majority Leader

National Assemble Complex, Abuja

Rear Admiral O Olumide (Rtd.)

Former Federal Minister of Transport and Aviation

Ibara Housing Estate, Abeokuta, Ogun State.

Chief Ayo Abiola


Ondo State Investment Corporation, Akure.